New Delhi: Once the Covid-19 pandemic ebbs, the course of economic recovery in India are going to be smoother and faster than that of the many advanced countries, consistent with KPMG. UNCTAD mentioned in its latest report on this pandemic impact on countries like india has predict the future that the economies to be facing recession in India. KPMG  taken steps to stop theis virus, like the lockdown, working to brought economic stand and will impact consumption and investment both. The abrupt halt in urban activity could lead on to a steep fall in consumption of non-essential goods. Around 37 % of salaried employees in urban city will face problems in income. KPMG has prepared three scenarios which will play out for the Indian economy. If there’s quick retraction across the planet , including India, by end April to mid May, India’s GDP growth for 2020-21 could also be within the range of 5.3 per cent to 5.7 per cent. The second scenario assumes that while India is in a position to regulate Covid-19 spread, there’s a big global recession. Currently India’s growth will fall to 1.9 to 2.5 %. In the third scenario, if there’s proliferation within India and lockdowns get extended including a worldwide recession, it’ll be a double whammy for the Indian economy. India’s growth will fall into 3 per cent during this scenario as a protracted slowdown would exacerbate economic troubles. However, experts also acknowledged that to point out higher GDP growth in revised numbers recently, the govt has reduced the bottom within the previous year. In that case, the govt should have revised and lowered GDP growth for previous year. So, projections are happening as per official numbers. It is not the question whether government numbers are right. TheGovt. Cases are Not real, experts said.