The Indian economic situation is getting worse if lockdowns continue for extended , Jean Dreze said on 5th April. Dreze further said that because of the country-wide lockdown, social unrest in many parts of India has already started. The country is under a 21-day lockdown as a neighborhood of larger efforts to curb spreading of coronavirus infections. “The unrest has already started. as an example , many communities have started barricading themselves against outsiders,” Dreze said. Outsiders, including doctors , are harassed in various places. In Rajasthan, a flour truck was looted. All this is often often just a trailer,” he added. Impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the Indian economy and Employment, Dreze noted many sectors are going to be badly affected, but segments like Healthcare even grow during the crisis. “Many sectors won’t be in fine condition . “. Observing that as soon because the lockdown is relaxed, migrant workers who are marooned in several parts will plan to return home, Dreze acknowledged that they are getting to probably hesitate to migrate again for a brief time . “But there’s hardly any work for them reception , aside from some farming if they have land,” he said, adding that thanks to reduced migration, sectors that rely heavily on outside labour face shortage of labour. remarking that already there are reports of shortage of labour for wheat harvest in parts of north India, Dreze said, “This is that the paradox of this instance , that shortages and surpluses may coexist, because the circulation channels are severely disrupted.” Asked whether it is the proper time to travel for Universal Basic Income (UBI), he said this is often often not the time to reinvent the wheel. according to Fitch Ratings, India may post in 2020-21 a GDP growth of two per cent, the slowest since the economy was liberalised 30 years back.