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Type: Land Fort
Location 35 km from Pune city, near Chakan MIDC, on the NH-50, Maharashtra.
District: Pune


Sangram Durga is a land fort situated at chakan, Pune, Maharashtra.

Chakan has a long history. The fort at Chakan played an important role in the history of the Bahmani sultanate (1347-1527), later of its successor states, the Deccan sultanates. In 1595 or 1599, Maloji Bhosle, the grandfather of Shivaji, was given the title of “Raja” by Bahadur Nizam Shah II, the ruler of the Ahmednagar Sultanate. On the recommendation of Nizam’s Vazir, Malik Ambar, Maloji was granted the jagir (fiefdom) of Pune and Supe Parganas, along with the control over Shivneri and Chakan forts. Later the fort was captured by the Adilshahi but young Shivaji took control of the fort in 1647 and named it Sangramdurg. In 1660, the fort was the site of an epic 54 days of stiff resistance by the Maratha general Firangoji Narsala against Mughal general Shaista Khan. The fort withstood heavy Mughal attacks until the Mughals breached the walls using high explosives. The attack on the fort was repulsed by the Maratha forces but short on supplies, Firangoji counterattacked and cut his way deep into the Mughal encampment where he was finally subdued and captured.

Chakan fort or Sangramgad is popularly known for its history. On the Chakan Fort, Maratha General, Firangoji Narsala repelled strong Mughal attacks. This ancient fort was under the rule of Allah-ud-din Khilji. By the end of the 12th century, the construction of the Chakan Fort commenced under an Abyssinian chief. The fort was handed over to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s grandfather (Maloji Bhosale) in 1965. The Mughal army blocked the source of goods entering the Chakan Fort. At the end of the battle, Firangoji Narsale surrendered because of a shortage of material and other sources. To appreciate Firangoji Narsale’s courage & struggles, Shivaji Maharaj gave the control of Bhupalgad fort. Later on again Maratha’s won the fort. In the 18th century, the fort was conquered by the British from the Marathas. It was a vital fort that helped establish control over areas like Paud,
Ghotan, Bhimner, and Ghodner.
On 21st June 1660, Shaista Khan (Mirza Abu Talib) surrounded the fort with a strong army of 20 thousand men. Inside the fort 600 to 700 Maratha warriors, having a sufficient supply of food and ammunition, kept on defending the fort courageously. They used cannons, pistols and raided the Mughals during nights (guerrilla warfare technique). Many days passed without any result. Then, Shaista Khan ordered to the construction of an underground tunnel going up to the Bastion on the North-East side of the fortification.

Chakan has located 30 km from Pune City on the National Highway 50, between Pune and Nashik. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation runs frequent and extensive bus services that connect to various parts of Maharashtra state. PMPML buses connect Chakan to Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad. PMPML Bus No. 357, Pune Station to Rajgurunagar, Bus No. 120, Pune MaNaPa to Chakan-Mahalunge run through Chakan connecting important areas of surrounding areas to Pune City. Highways connecting to Pune have heavy traffic due to extensive industrial growth in the area.

Chakan is also on the proposed Pune Junction – Nashik Road railway line. The nearest airport is the current Pune International Airport.

Phase III of the Pune Metro will connect Chakan to Moshi,[9] which hosts an International Convention and Exhibition Center.

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